Just Organik Almond Face Scrub, 75 gm

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Almond scrub has richness of almond that is full of Vitamin "E". Vitamin E is essential to restore the youthfulness of skin. Almond nourishes skin and protects skin from damaging uv rays.


  • Removes dead skin
  • Scrubs skin
  • Nourishes skin

Just Oganik Almond Face Scrub contains:

Cream, Almond oil, plant beads, turmeric oil

Rich in protein and fiber, Almonds can help in acquiring amazing results when applied on skin • Almonds are rich in vitamin A, and have moisturizing and emollient properties. • Just Organik Almond Face Scrub will give your skin a natural healthy look with a radiant aura. • Wet your face, then press the Almond face scrub into the skin. When you wash it off, the paste takes all the dirt and grime with it. 

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