Mitti Se Essential Oil of Geranium 10 ml

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Essential Oil of Geranium is often compared to the rose essential oil because they share almost the same therapeutic traits. It is used to treat acne, sore throat, anxiety, depression, and insomnia. It reduce pain and inflammation. Its antiseptic properties can help speed up the healing of wounds and treat a variety of skin problems, such as burns, frostbite, fungal infections, athlete’s foot, and eczema. It relieves aching muscles. It prevents skin problems like sagging and wrinkling, and helps give skin a firmer look. It eliminates the appearance of scars and dark spots by improving blood circulation just below the surface of the skin and promoting an equal distribution of melanin.It serves as a deodorant as well. Geranium oil can be added in baked goods.


Safe for external and edible purposes. Water Bath: Few drops can be added to water for bathing or soaking feet and hands. Steaming and Inhalation: Mix 4-5 drops in a litre of water for steaming. Diffuser: Use in diffusers to create an aromatic atmosphere. Massage: Blend 6 drops of essential oil in 10ml of carrier oil like almond, jojoba, sesame, avocado to massage full body or any particular area.

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