Omved Nursing Breast Compress 50 gm

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"This 100% natural compress is a safe, gel-free breast pack that has been ergonomically designed to comfortably cover the breast. This Nursing Breast Compress is therapeutically and evenly weighted to improve blood circulation. When used as a cold compress it helps: • Reduce the swelling and tenderness of engorgement • Provide comfort to breasts during weaning • Provides long lasting steady heat as a hot compress When used as a hot compress, it: • encourages milk flow • maintains open milk ducts and prevents clogged ducts • promotes let-down • comforts the symptoms of infection or mastitis

Important Info :


• Do not leave unattended. Dry grains are inflammable if overheated. Stop heating if you smell burning grains. •

The compress should be warm and not hot when used as a hot compress. For consistent problems consult your physician

A luxuriously soft Organic cotton terry with a removable outer shell and 100% natural premiumflax seeds.

How to use :

Remove the packaging and place compress in a microwave oven and warm for 90-120 seconds for the first time. When warming, place a glass of water along with the pack in order to avoid burning of herbs. For consequent usage, warm for 60-90 seconds. Benefits : 1. encourage milk flow 2. maintain open milk ducts and prevents clogged ducts. Also promotes let- down 3. comfort the symptoms of infection or mastitis

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