Omved Soap Set All Year Freshness 12 Bath Bars Each 25 gm

Rs. 990.00

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Coming in the pack of 12 bath bars, Omved Soap Set All Year Freshness Bath Bars are all ready to break the monotonous of bathing. These are made by hand from pure plant hydrosols. You get great varieties to choose from. All of them have remarkable aroma that is going to stimulate your mind to give you a peaceful feeling.

100% pure reed diffuser set. We use a non-alcohol and non DPG base for our reed diffuser oils. Each reed diffuser set contains : 1 glass bottle to hold the diffuser oil and reeds.

Place diffuser on a flat level surface. Pour the oil into the diffuser and insert the reeds into the fragrance liquid. Wait for a few minutes and turn reeds over to expose oil-moistened sticks to air. Add or remove sticks to vary the intensity of the aroma. The aroma gently diffuses up the reeds, delicately fragrancing the home. To optimize the performance and fragrance level, remember from time to time turn the sticks upside down and reinsert them into the oil to renew the fragrance. The aroma will last for a period of approximately 4 weeks at room temperature. Avoid contact with polished, painted or synthetic surfaces.

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