Rustic Art Organic Aloe Vera - Neem Basil Gel, 100 gm

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Suitable for All Skin Types Soothes Nappy Rashes Moisturises Rough Knees Clears Acne Lightens Blemishes & Scars Keeps Skin Nourished Soothes Insect Bites, Minor Cuts & Wounds Heals Inflammation Relieves Itching Tightens Skin Pores.

BENEFIT: Complete Skin Care For Babies Suitable for All Skin Types Soothes Nappy Rashes, Moisturizes Rough Knees, Clears Acne, Lightens Blemishes & Scars, Keeps Skin Nourished, Soothes Insect Bites, Minor Cuts & Wounds, Heals Inflammation, Relieves Itching, Tightens Skin Pores Skin Maintenance For All.

IMPORTANT INFO: When should the gel be applied? The gel can be applied for nappy rashes, insect bites, other allergic reactions, baby acne etc. How many times a day should this product be used? As many times as required. Can it cause any allergies? Unless the child is allergic to any of the ingredients. How to test if the kid is allergic to the gel? Patch test on a small area on legs. As this is a gel, will fungus grow on this gel? As the product is 100% natural, if used with wet fingers, can lead to fungal infection. Where can the gel be used? Safe to be used on whole body except mouth area and eyes area.

Organic Aloe vera Neem & Basil Extract Natural preservative of TCLS

Apply gently on affected area. Can be used daily on skin for general care.

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