5 Reasons to Choose Organic Baby Nutrition

Food at its natural best is the ideal form to consume it. Especially when you are feeding it to your growing baby who has an exceptional nutrition requirement.

Gone are the days when every crop-field you saw was organically produced. It’s the era of pesticides and chemical fertilizers, isn't it? Farmers cite the reason that they pesticides/fertilizers are 'convenience' and helps them fetch more crop.                   

The fact is that the PESTICIDES used to increase the yield of the agricultural produce also end up CONTAMINATING the food HIGHLY. We all know that the raw fruits are injected to ripen up, thereby adding further layers of chemicals into it. You will not only have to compromise on the nutritional value but will also have to bear the harmful effects of the chemicals that keep accumulating in your body harming you in all ways.

Would you feed the toxin-rich food to your kid? We are sure none of the parents would ever think about it. So, do we have a solution?

The only solution to this problem is to GO ORGANIC!

Start early, start now! Start feeding the organic nutrition food to your kids, right from the early days.

We know as a parent, you would definitely be worried about the nutrition quotient of whatever your baby eats. And, definitely, you should be, as babies need adequate nutrition to be active and grow healthy without any disorders or deficiencies. BUT before that, you should be convinced with the idea of going organic and should know WHY going ORGANIC is the only fabulous option left for your baby.

Reasons to go organic for your teeny-weeny baby- 

  1. Yes, it is pesticides free:

Most of the parents aren’t aware that several chemicals are sprayed on the conventional food that we consume on the regular basis. Be it your ‘fresh’ fruits and 'farm fresh' vegetables or the processed food, pesticides are an integral part of it.

A recent study revealed that 95% of Americans showed up for pesticide content in the blood at any given point of time.

It is sad to know that children are more affected by pesticides than the adults. If you want your kid to be blooming and hearty, ensure that you switch from the conventional food diet to organic baby nutrition diet. You cannot go 100% organic immediately but a steady approach will definitely give you results.

2.  Of course, it’s tasty:

Yes, it matters. As a kid, all they care about is a tasty food. It is too difficult to deal with the tantrum that your little one throws if he/she dislikes the taste. So, you need to choose a blend of the healthier and tastier option and believe us, organic food taste amazing, much better than the conventional food. Surprised, well, check it out all by yourself!

Start the organic baby nutrition food at an early age and your child would adapt to it.

3. No genetic modification, only natural

A genetically modified organism(GMO) is a one whose genetic material has been changed with the help of genetic engineering techniques. This is usually carried out to introduce a new trait to the plant which wouldn’t have been possible naturally. Thanks to the organic crops, you have the chance to eat 'nature-made'!

4. Healthy eating, healthy baby

Children are super-active, which means they need high levels of nutrition. And, if the adequate requirement of nutrition is not met on the daily basis, your kid will be dull and will have less stamina to carry out any task. You might increase the conventional food intake but that doesn’t mean that the nutritional level would be met.

A recent study carried out by the Newcastle University revealed that organic fruits and vegetables contain up to 69% more antioxidants than the conventional produce.

An organic food supplies adequate nutrition to the body to keep it healthy and going. Remember a healthy mind stays in a healthy body.

5. Reduced carbon footprints, cleaner and greener future

A lot has been spoken about the carbon emission and almost all the countries are trying to reduce it.

It is found out that 20% of the U.S. greenhouse gas emission is due to the food system and most of it is from the fossil-fuel fertilizers.

Did you know that the Organic farming requires significantly less fossil fuel than the industrial farming?

With the production of Organic food, there is 40% reduction in the greenhouse gas emission as organic farming doesn’t use fossil fuel fertilizers. As a responsible citizen and parents, you will not only be protecting the environment but will also be giving your children a cleaner future.


Convinced? We are sure that you are.

There is nothing of more importance in the world for a parent than the health and happiness of their child. Be it their favorite toy or their favorite fruit, you want to step up and make them the happiest and healthiest.

So, why negotiate with their well-being? Switch to organic food produce.

The next time when you are out for your grocery shopping, make sure that you set your eyes only on the ORGANIC BABY NUTRITION FOOD. They aren’t just a mere source of nutrition, but also a HEALTHIER WAY to raise your kids.