Top 8 organic foods that will take your baby nutrition a notch above

A woman becomes a mother the day she gets to know about the presence of her unborn child in her womb. All of the 9 months are spent fancying about the presence of her very own flesh &blood, with beautiful thoughts coming to the head.

And, when finally the D-day arrives, a woman is cradled with the most demanding job in the world- caring for her newborn.

From expensive lotions to the most potent baby oil, from softest of the towels to the mildest of the toiletries; she ends up wanting nothing but the best for her baby. Well, she knows it all!

There is a lot of discussions and debates when it comes to the baby’s nutrition. Every other person has some advice for the new mum. On the other note, the WHO recommends that a baby be breast-fed till 6 months of age and then combined with food for 12-24 months.

No doubts, as a mother, you want to feed your growing child with highly nutritious food that is chemically free, healthy and best for your child's overall growth. However, with the conventionally packaged food choices in the super-market, it is highly difficult to find Organic Baby Nutrition food.

As a mom, to decide what to feed your baby and what not is always a confusion but there are few essential foods that are absolutely necessary for your child in the nascent age. So, here goes the list of some of the Organic baby Nutrition foods that are sure to benefit the apple of your eye:

  1. Milk:

Milk is a great source of all essential proteins and vitamins. It helps strengthen the bones, thanks to its high level of calcium. But do you know that the cows are artificially injected to produce more and more milk. The chemicals increase the milk production but the quality of the milk goes down the toilet. Thus, it is always better that one opts for organic milk for the kids. Cow’s milk is highly recommended for the infants.

  1. Lentils:

Fully packed with proteins and fiber, they are easily affordable and are easily accessible. You can combine the cooked lentils with rice and feed your kid. And, if you are looking for a better option, feed your baby with organic food supplement rice and dal. Remember, solid food can be given only if the baby is 6 months old.

  1. Dark Leafy Greens:

During the growing years, your baby is in extensive need of iron and the best possible source is the leafy green vegetables. The leafy green vegetables are rich in iron and folate. The vegetable includes spinach, kale, collard greens and chard. These veggies fulfill the organic baby nutrition demand and accelerates the overall growth process.

  1. Avocado:

Worried about the baby’s nutrition? Do not want to use the conventional food products anymore? Try out the organic avocados. They contain unsaturated food that helps in the development of the brain. You can mash the ripe avocado and mix it with other food to feed your child. You can also go for the organic food supplement like wheat and apple & ragi and mixed fruits. They are highly recommended for the children between 6 months to 2 years.

  1. Squash:

Kids naturally love sweets. Squash has a sweet taste and it is rich in Vitamin A and C. It has a creamy texture and can be easily digested. You can get organic ready-made squash food products that will have higher levels of nutrition.

  1. Prunes:

Prunes are fibrous in nature and provide a good amount of roughage to keep the gut healthy which helps keep constipation away. Your baby will face constipation issues once the solid food diet begins. You can add puree prunes to cereal and feed the baby. You can also mix a teaspoon of prune juice to the milk and feed the child.

  1. Yogurt:

You can introduce organic yogurt to the baby when he/she is 6 months old. It helps in developing the immune system as well as sharpen the brain. It is rich in calcium and vitamin D. Needless to say yogurt is good for bones as well as teeth. Always opt for organic yogurt as there are no chemicals added to it. Also do not feed flavored yogurt to the baby. Plain yogurt is more beneficial to the infants. Apart from that, you can go for the Kid's calcium tablets to strengthen their bones.

  1. Oatmeal puree:

You can start giving oatmeal to your baby from 4 months of age. It can be preferred over rice cereal as it tastes good and has higher levels of nutrition. Oats are high in fiber, calcium, protein, and even vitamin B.

So, switch to Organic baby Nutrition food and you are sure to see the results as your baby grows. It is in the early stage that vital organs of the body start developing and it is this very age, when your child’s diet should be a prioritized concern for you to protect him/her from disorders in the long run. You cannot afford take a risk with the health of your baby!

As a diligent mother, ensure that your baby is fed organic baby nutrition to boost his immunity power, physical & mental growth and keep his/her mind, body and soul at peace.

Also, ensuring that the baby’s nutrition requirement is met thoroughly is a thought to ponder over with your pediatrician. Do have a regular sessions with him to get the things right.