Why We Love Organic Baby Care (And You Should, Too!)


The skin is the outer covering of the body and is very sensitive to both internal as well as external factors. It is the living organ and is the largest organ in the body. What you feed your skin is essential for it to reflect.

And, for babies, the matter becomes even more "sensitive". So, if you have been using chemical loaded baby care products for your little bundle of joy then you need to stop it right away. Switch to organic baby care products that are natural and see the change in your baby's skin.

“Whatever you put on your baby’s skin is being absorbed into the bloodstream – actually, 60% of whatever you put on is being absorbed.”

When I was a baby, my mom was very particular about my diet and skin care. I still remember the milk cream, the mustard oil, the turmeric, homemade kajal and what not was applied to my body to make my skin soft and get that brilliant glow. Today, more and more chemicals have substituted these natural products and as a result, we see most of the skin problems.

There are several Television commercial ads that claim to be baby-friendly. Don’t we all know the reality? They are just the marketing gimmicks. Your baby’s skin is very delicate and you need to take the best care of it. If you think you have smeared your loved ones with expensive baby creams and lotions and have done your part, you are actually harming your kid indirectly. An organic baby care is the only solution to derive the best skin results.

Let us have a look at the harmful baby skin care product ingredients:

  • Petroleum Jelly: It will choke the skin pores and leave the skin dry.
  • Chemical colors: It causes rashes and irritation to the skin.
  • Soaps: They are told be mild but in reality they damage eyes, skin and hair.
  • Antibiotics: They are an indirect poison.

Why use Organic Baby Care products?

There is always a solution to the problem, isn’t it? If you want to protect your baby’s skin from these harmful chemicals, you need to switch to organic baby care products right now. When you are making a purchase, you need to read the ingredients and find out if they are baby skin-friendly:

Some of the must use organic baby ingredients are:

Organic Beeswax: 

It is collected from the bees hive and is filtered to extract the pure and clean wax. It is used in baby creams and is a great substitute for petroleum jelly.

Organic Coconut Butter: 

It serves as a base for most of the baby creams. The coconut oil is extracted from the growing coconut in an organic manner and is completely free from chemicals.

Organic Olive Oil: 

It is an edible as well as massaging oil. It has essential vitamins and minerals to smoothen the skin.

Organic Aloe Vera Extract: 

It is rich in moisture and also tones the skin. It is used in baby creams and lotions.

Benefits of using Organic Baby Care products:

Environment - Friendly: Since, these organic baby care products are chemical free, there are no chances of chemicals getting released into air and water. The conventional products are chemical oriented, hence, chemicals pollute the environment during the manufacturing process.

No more irritations: A baby has a sensitive skin and if exposed to chemicals, irritations are for sure. The organic baby care products are free of artificial flavors and aromas that can prevent the skin allergies.

No side effects: ​Parabens are used in conventional beauty products which will increase the shelf life of the baby products. Parabens alter the hormones in the body impacting the body in a huge way. And you cannot afford to expose the baby to such harsh chemicals. Always opt for organic baby care products for their safety.

Prevents headaches and nausea: There are artificial flavors and aromas used in the baby care products which will directly cause headaches and nausea. The organic products are made from original aromas, hence, they are baby-friendly.

Gentle overtimes: Yes, organic products take time when it comes to results. Unlike chemical products, they aren’t quick in delivering results. If you are looking long-term skin benefits, there is no substitute for organic baby care products. The baby’s skin tends to grow as the baby grows, hence ensure that you set the right skin base for the growth of the baby.


Love for Organic Baby Care products:

Needless to say that the organic baby care products are original, chemical free and more reliable. They are environment-friendly and ensures that no being is harmed during the manufacturing and testing process. The soft skin of the baby deserves a lot more than what we could have imagined.

All of us love pampering our babies, don’t we?

And, what better way than pampering them with organic oil, gels, creams, and lotions. The bones of the babies are feeble and it needs to be strengthened. The organic oils will not only smoothen the skin but will also strengthen the bones internally. It will increase the blood circulation in the body and will ensure that the baby gets a good sleep. The creams and the lotions will moisturize the skin.

We are sure you don't need more reasons to love organic baby care products as it has proven benefits. But, you need to be very choosy before selecting the baby care products.

The Organic market is expanding and there are lot many new entrants in this industry. Thus, you got to stay away from fake products. Read the ingredients before selecting the brand and the products. Check the online review of the products. You can also talk to other moms who have used the products. If required, consult a dermatologist to suggest you the best organic baby care products.

Do share your feedback with us and let us know your experience with organic baby care products.