Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, for it you need to mail us on or call us on 7359188688. Consequent to your mail or phone call our executive will guide and take your order and duly also explain you the time, the invoice value including the shipping cost and custom docs and permissions if necessary depending on the destination.

Once you go through the Checkout process and enter shipping details and JUST BEFORE selecting the payment mode for making payment to complete your order you shall clearly find on the right side the order cost before order is finally placed and/or payment is made.

Once your order is confirmed and payment is made by you, we shall generate an Order Track ID for you and mail it to you with the track URL/ link, through which you can track it on the shipper’s site conveniently.

For Change: Yes, you can do that if the shipment has not commenced. But if it has commenced then you shall have to bare the one or two way shipping charges of the previous items shipped and also of the fresh shipping made depending of the location from where the shipped order has been called back to us for the change. For Cancelling: Yes, it can be done only if the shipment has not commenced. But if it has commenced it cannot be done.

Yes, you can too all the addresses you wish. We might require to follow custom standards in some. Once the order is placed our customer care team will share necessary details and process too.

Yes, kindly call us or mail us for it till the Gift Card feature is integrated in our web store. And that my friend is going to happen very soon. But Please don’t wait till then, currently you shall have to make an NEFT/IMPS payment in our bank account once we share the details consequent to your mail on or call on 7359188688. And then we shall mail/courier (you preference) a Gift Card with similar warmth. A coupon Code would also be given to the person you want to gift to. The mentioned code shall enable the person to reimburse the same amount by purchasing the product he/she desires for which that you have paid to us.