GreenoBazaar Products

Greenobazaar is the collective voice for many local and national organics farmers/ producers , recyclers and upcyclers and environment supporters. The site represents varied producers, artists and manufacturers across India.

Food – Chemical and toxic free organic food gives you the fresh taste of health. The food grown according to the natural seasonal cycle and no pesticides give you stronger immunity and helps you stay clean and healthy from within. Organic farming also supports health of the earth and a sustainable future for our generations to come. 

Personal care– Pamper your body with the goodness of nature, away from concoctions made from harmful chemicals and preservatives. Our products will always be created with pure ingredients and organic practices.

Household products – We provide effective, organic solutions and products for your home to keep you and your family clean from dirt, safe from insects and most importantly free of chemicals. Our ranges of recycled household products adorn your home with a twist.

Books – that are recycled books for you with finest quality at a rate that is competitive than compared to market.

Apparels: Organic clothing provides allergy-free, soft and light texture to your eco-friendly style. While organic clothes are a rage today among adults, soft organic fabrics are highly recommended for infants and children given its allergy-free quality.