Our Story

GreenoBazaar delivers the wholesomeness of an organic, eco-friendly bazaar to your doorstep, at your convenience.

My own venture was always in my heart since my childhood days. My first venture was an exotic and unconventional Juice bar cum food outlet, Joos. We had great reviews & loyal customers. I made an exit from Joos and took a break from entrepreneurship from 2010 to 2015.

During the break I came across a great and articulate non-fiction, Hot flat and Crowded by Thomas Freidman. I was startled by some heart blowing facts and figures about the current state of poor and dry earth which once use to be green and dear to us was becoming drier and poorer. In the book the crisp research clearly showed, countries which were less greedy, had robust sustainable development policies resulting into sound and sustainable growth and were happier than countries which had poor sustainable policies and were greedier comparatively which sucked the natural resources from the earth for their selfish benefits. This made me ponder and compelled me in thinking that the same could be for an individual too and made my approach towards environment more sensitive.

Meanwhile I had also been to Rishikesh (the place of great sages) to undergo a seven days professional yoga course. There we were taught yoga nindra (meditating consciously and slowly from toes to head) at the end of which we had to think of a goal. The goal I thought was ‘to be an enlightened being and serve the environment and humanity through my venture’.

After this I was constantly in search of a venture that is for profit but which protects the earth’s health and our too from further deterioration directly or indirectly and which also provides a healthier, purer and natural edible and non-edible consumption choices to people. And it must also be an example for the coming generation to think in a direction which would ultimately benefit them and our dear earth both.

Why Greenobazaar ?

Through Greenobazaar and Greeno I will offer and promote to people a healthy & pure choice of consumptions and production. Because deadly & dreaded diseases are wide spread due to consumption and production of food, cosmetics and other consumer goods made from harmful and carcinogenic or non-bio degradable chemicals and materials. The production by harmful methods had added burdens of disposal which is today one of the biggest challenges many countries are facing. One of the ways to address the disposal of non-biodegradable goods is to efficiently recycle and up cycle them for our end use.

Having faith that the above issues could be addressed by serving people handpicked, certified organic and 100% natural products, greenobazaar was an apt choice addressing health and ecofriendly needs. This also would make people conscious of their consumption and production habits and the environment too as all are inter connected. This all eventually would help in reducing the pollution directly and indirectly on our dear Earth.

As India is an agro based economy, adopting organic and natural agricultural methods would immediately stop soil, water and air pollution and eventually would provide us pure and nutritious food and this solution would very well address the other bigger health issue. Just imagine the whole India going organic! So all from poor to rich would only consume organic and it would no more be a choice and privilege of rich but a right of every citizen like our very own State Sikkim (is officially 100% organic today). Many countries in the world have also gone completely organic like Bhutan and Denmark and have adopted other sustainable living methods and set an example of others to follow especially the so called developed nations.

Green Regards ,

Rajan Patel