Conscious Food Almond Cookies, 50 gm

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These power snacks have been made for you to enjoy guilt free munchies. You don’t have to resort to junk foods, As you will discover each of our snacks is not just "naturally" nutritious but a delight to the taste buds.

Benefits: • Whole and unrefined ingredients • Very nutritious and Tasty • Vegetarian • These almond cookies are a healthy snack for low blood sugar

Almonds, Raw Sugar, Cookie Mix.

Use Almond Cookies as the perfect snack to munch on when having a great time with family and friends. These cookies are not only great in taste but are highly beneficial in terms of nutritional wellness making them one of a kind.

Alternative use: Almond Cookies are the perfect substitute for regular cookies and biscuits which are only made for profit motive and not giving importance to quality. These cookies are made from handpicked almonds and this helps in bringing out the rich flavour and taste.

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