Conscious Food Green Tea Plus, 50 gms

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Conscious Food green tea plus is one of the best products to have in your satchel. This one organic product has a lot of health benefits, it makes it easier for people to go ahead and enjoy access to the best of life. This is easier for people to order and receive it at home.

Green tea, alfalfa, cinnamon, mint , clove 

It is an incredible detox tea and can be of great help in flooding your body with nutritional support and urge your cleansing organs into great action These tea recipes will offer special benefits and you can use it as a detox program When you combine alfalfa, cinnamon, mint and clove you are benefitting from these ingredients as well It will help you free drastic damage with the antioxidants they offer It will surely help you in joint mobility Drink daily and be well 

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