HealthVit GOOD MORNING Natural Laxative 60 Tablets Pack of 2

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"Benefits of HealthVit GOOD MORNING Natural Laxative Tablets Relieves constipation Loose weight Digestive support Regularize bowel moment To help heal ringworm Good Morning is a natural laxative tablets that contains senna, nisot, ajwain, vidang and manny other natural ingredients. It relieves consitpation, regularize bowel movemnts, heal ringworms and hemorrhoids."

"Senna leaves 300 mg

Black salt 140 mg

Nisot 80 mg

Ajwain Nisot 80 mg 80 mg

Himej 50 mg

Vidang 40 mg

Jethimadh 30 mg"

1 Tablet at bed time

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