Healthvit Lutein 20mg 60 capsules

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Healthvit Lutein 20MG | 60 capsules

Supports Eye health, Free Radical Protection, Promotes Macular Health. Lutein, which is the only carotene identified in the ocular crystalline lens, is found in the centre of the retina of the eye, in the macula lutea (yellow spot), as a part of the macular pigments.

The yellow spot constitutes the region of maximum visual acuity.Lutein is not produced by the body and must be obtained from dietary sources, therefore it may be beneficial to take a daily Lutein supplement. Lutein is a clinically studied ingredient for eye health, and just 20 mg of Lutein a day can improve the eyes’ sensitivity to low contrast situations. Staring at a computer all day can be tiring for your eyes, leaving them in need of some extra nutritional support.
DIRECTION OF USE: Adults - Take one capsule daily, as a dietary supplement

INGREDIENTS: Lutein : 20 mg

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