HealthVit Respiratory Care Kit 60 Capsules

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"Infused with herbal extracts that boost your respiratory system Tulsi Powder - Tulasi has many medicinal properties, A powerful adaptogen/anti-stress agent, helpful in preventing and reducing stress: mental, emotional, physical, and environmental stress, Acts as anti-asthmatic and anti-oxidant, It also improves memory power Vasaka Powder - Vasaka is a well-known herb in indigenous systems of medicine for its beneficial effects, particularly in bronchitis, asthma, cough, rheumatism, Normalizes peptic ulcers, piles and bleeding gums Licorice Powder - Has a long and varied record of uses, Licorice has been used traditionally for gastric ulcers and inflammation of the skin, It is also used in acute and chronic bronchitis, asthama, Licorice is analgesic in arthritis"

Tulsi Powder,Licorice Powder,Vasaka Powder

1 Capsule Of Twice day ,2 Cpasule twice a Day,2 Twice a Day

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