HealthVit Triphala Powder 250 mg 60 Capsules Pack of 2

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Benefits of HealthVit TRIFALA Triphala powder 250 mg.

Improves digestion Reduces cholesterol and Piles

Acts as body's internal cleanser

Protect and improves liver function

Normalize blood pressure

Reduce body weight Improve heath in viral or bacterial infection Triphala is a traditional combination of three myrobalan fruits: Amlaki, Haritaki and Bibhitaki, and has been traditionally used in Ayurveda for thousands of years to relieve constipation, to cleanse the colon, acts as body’s internal cleanser, normalize blood pressure.

Triphala has nutritional, blood and liver cleansing properties.

Triphala is rich in polyphenols which are powerful antioxidants.

Triphala Powder 250 mg

1 Capsule twice a day before meals

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