Herbal Strategi Justmop Floor Cleaner ( Weight Option Available )


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This Herbal Floor Cleaner is a Natural Disinfectant and Insect Repellent is a revolutionary product which is free from harsh chemicals. It is made from natural oils and plant extracts. In addition to cleaning stains, Natural floor cleaner also does kill germs and act as repellent to insects, while leaving behind a refreshing lemon grass fragrance. The fragrance of the natural disinfectant is not very harsh so that it won't affect the sensitive nose.

Each 100ml contains
Cymbopogon citriatus :5ml
Cedrus deodara :3 ml
Pinus longifolia : 2ml
Exciepients :QS
Water : QS
Ayurvedic Proprietary Medicine.

Cleaning product which can be used in homes,offices,restaurants,hotels,hospitals, schools, educational institutions, laboratories. Can be used by all age groups and can be used for cleaning anytime.To prevent houseflies / fruit-flies – add one capful to glass of water and clean table tops.
Add 1 cap full to 4 litres (half bucket) of water and gently mop the floor/ any surface.
For stubborn stains apply undiluted (without adding water). Mop with water after 5 minutes.

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