Just Organik Masala Tea (40 gm / 75 gm)


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Just Organik masala tea has found a new love in form of Indian audience. The increased love for organic product is making indian market thrive for more and more of such quality products. These are some of the best products and people are using it to acquire the best of health.

Black Tea, Cardmom, Clove, Cinamon & Blackpepper

How To Brew Water: Start with clean, fresh water and heat according to the specifications located on your tea label. Every tea is different! Water temperatures range 175-212 degrees. Amount: Different tea types call for different measurements be sure to experiment to find your positively perfect ratio! On average, we recommend 1-2 rounded tablespoons. Time: The longer you steep, the stronger your cup! We recommend between 2-7 minutes depending on tea variety.  

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