Mitti Se Essential Oil of Eucalyptus 10 ml

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Essential oil of Eucalyptus fights problems related to respiration and asthma, builds concentration, soothes skin eruptions. It reduces snoring and aids in a good night’s sleep. It is useful in fighting bad breath and helps in dental problems. Its strong smells keeps insects and flies away. It is very cooling when applied on the skin and makes a potent analgesic. It also strengthens the immune system.


Safe for external and edible purposes. Water Bath: Few drops can be added to water for bathing or soaking feet and hands. Steaming and Inhalation: Mix 4-5 drops in a litre of water for steaming. Diffuser: Use in diffusers to create an aromatic atmosphere. Massage: Blend 6 drops of essential oil in 10ml of carrier oil like almond, jojoba, sesame, avocado to massage full body or any particular area.

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