Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil, 50 ml

Rs. 290

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Mitti Se Nourishing Body Oil uses natural and soothing  ingredients such as Jojoba, Almond, Geranium and Olive to prepare wonderful body oil for you. The regular usage of nourishing body oil would increase your blood circulation, strengthen bones and muscles and nourishes skin. Mitti Se nourishing body oil nourishes your skin deeply to bring a natural glow to the skin.


  • Nourishes skin deeply and skin firming properties.
  • Removes fine lines, wrinkles. 
  • Contains Vitamin E.
  • Increases glow and improves blood circulation.

Mitti se Nourishing body oil contains: Wheat germ oil, Jojoba oil, Geranium oil, Almond oil and Olive Oil.100% Natural & Handmade, Free from Harmful Chemicals, No Animal testing, Vegetarian, No Added Preservatives, Colors, Fragrance.

Take body oil and massage a small amount directly into face/neck/body. For best results leave on overnight, or at least for an hour. Best used early in the morning or night. Avoid sun immediately after massage.Suitable for use by 20 year olds or above


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