Naturally Yours Chia Seeds, 100 gm

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Chia seeds not only help to control sugar and boost our energy levels but it also oxidises food and provides our blood with the required oxygen. The fact that these seeds increase the presence of oxygen in our body makes them a lot more essential and important for our bodies.

Health Benefits of Chia seeds:

  • Chia seeds help to control sugar and has a postive impact on Type 2 diabetes patients.
  • It helps to boost your energy levels. Since chia seeds bulk up when mixed with water, it helps to manage your weight effectively.
  • The omega 6 in chia seeds helps in keep your hair, skin and nails healthy.

Chia Seeds

Use Chia seeds in the same way you would use flax seeds. Simply add Chia to everything you eat to reduce the glycemic load of any recipe. Take up to 3-5 tablespoons of Chia per day. Be sure to drink adequate water. Chia's neutral taste will nutritionally enhance all meals without altering the original flavor.

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