Naturally Yours Quinoa, 500 gm

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Buy organic quonia naturally yours online by Greenobazaar is something every millennial should consume for a healthy living. One can buy these from greenobazzar at affordable price and make their lives a lot better and happier.

Quinoa Nutritious Food, 500 gm

Directions for Use :

Cook 1/2 cup whole, rinsed quinoa in 1 cup of water for about 15 minutes for a creamy, nutty-tasting high protein breakfast cereal.Quinoa flakes can be used as a fast-cooking cereal and can be added to pancake and waffle recipes. Substitute whole cooked quinoa for rice in rice meals. Add quinoa flour to gluten-free flour mixes to improve the protein, mineral and fiber content. Quinoa reduces the volume of yeast breads and is best used in small amounts in leavened bread recipes but works well in Gluten Free recipes for cookies, muffins, pancakes and pizza dough.

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