Omved Apaaka After Meal Remedy Roller 6 ml

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"Say good bye to your digestive issues with Apaaka - the remedy roller that provides natural and therapeutic relief solutions to ease problems like indigestion, heartburn, flatulence and stomach ache. This rebalancing remedy roller is a perfectly balanced synergy of therapeutic-grade essential oils, that include Cumin, Ginger and Peppermint, which have been long used in Ayurveda to ease digestive issues and stomach pain.

Benefit : Aromatherapy Remedy Rollers work in two ways: 1. Through inhalation: When inhaled, the component molecules within the essential oils stimulate the olfactory nerve, affecting the limbic center of the brain, affecting emotion. The sense of smell response is instant. 2. Absorption through the skin into the bloodstream: Topically, the essential oil molecules easily pass through the dermis of the skin to the lymph and capillary system, to help healing. Our remedy rollers are highly concentrated, portable, therapeutic relief solutions while on the go.

Important Info :


  • Not for full body massage.
  • Keep away from eyes and mucus membranes; avoid using on or near sensitive/broken skin.
  • Keep out of reach of children.
  • If pregnant, nursing, taking medication, or having a medical condition, consult a healthcare practitioner prior to use.
  • Shake well before use.
  • Test for sensitivities: inside of elbow or wrist.

This remedy roller is 100% natural and contains no synthetic agents, parabens, sulfates, silicones, petrochemicals, glycols, phthalates, synthetic colours or perfumes. 100% pure therapeutic essential oils are blended in cold-pressed plant oils.

Aaapka remedy roller contains: Jojoba Simmondsia chinensis. Cumin Cuminum cyminum. Ginger Zingiber officinale and Peppermint Mentha piperita oils. All our products have a 100% biodegradable formula and are we use easily recyclable packaging.

Shake the remedy roller and apply on the stomach or chest when you experience indigestion. It can be applied as often as needed. If you are frequently prone to digestive issues, apply this blended remedy roller immediately after eating, or before symptoms occur.

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