Omved Bronze Detox Foot Massager 63 gm

Rs. 1,750.00

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"Bronze foot massager - Relax and detox. Within the Ayurvedic tradition feet are very important part in our body, as many nerves from many organs terminate in the feet. Massage helps to strengthen these nerves and restores health to many parts of the body. Detox foot massager is made from pure bronze and waste wood.

Important Information:

Dab a little Shudh Gritham (ghee from pure cows milk) on the soles of foot. Rub with the Kansa (bronze) massager till soles turn black (toxins). Wipe with cotton cloth and continue for 10 minutes each foot. This is believed to detoxify and cool the body."

 Made of Pure Bronze and Waste wood.

Made of Pure Bronze and Waste wood

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