Omved Copper Iron Aroma Diffuser 50 gm

Rs. 1,290.00

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"This exquisite copper diffuser adds a touch of elegance to the decor while letting you inhale breaths of conscious bliss. The Copper Oil Diffuser is one of the most loved products because of its looks and utility. The copper bowl holds water and you can light a tea candle below it to let it work as a diffuser. The bowl is deep enough for along term diffusion while the base protects the surface from getting heat damaged. Use this beautiful oil diffuser, along with a tealight candle and your favorite essential oil to purify, cleanse and calm your haven."


One copper oil diffuser. Height = 5 inches; Width = 2.75 inches

Place the copper diffuser in a safe no draft location. Pour water in the copper saucer on top of the diffuser, filling no more than 2/3rd of full capacity. Add one or two drops of the aroma blend to the water (If the blend is made of pure essential oils, it is very concentrated, a tiny bit goes a long way! Light a palm wax votive candle under the container. It takes a few minutes for the aroma to diffuse through the room. Add more oil if needed.

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