Omved Keshin Healthy Hair Oil 110 ml

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"The Keshin Thailam Healthy Hair Oil is a traditional Ayurvedic preparation for complete hair care with well known hair-stimulating botanicals, infused in Sesame oil, high in minerals and anti-oxidants. It penetrates deep to: * Nourish hair and scalp * Promote long, dark and dense hair * Prevent greying, dandruff and split ends. This classical Ayurvedic hair tonic contains Nili - Ayurveda's primary hair-loss preventive for centuries, Vetiver roots that give lustre, shine and body, Kayyoni/Bhringraj to delay premature greying and control dandruff, Bala to encourage hair growth and prevent hair fall along with over 20 botanicals to nourish and uplift the mind and spirit an as a natural and effective solution for hair care problems. Apply it on the scalp on alternate days to ensure abundant, lustrous, dandruff-free, healthy hair.

Benefit : Unlike modern conventional hair products that treat only the superficial outer layer of the hair, Omved's proprietary, classical Ayurvedic formulas not only penetrate the scalp beyond the hair roots but also reach the underlying layers and deliver valuable nutrients. Our Ayurvedic oils are authentic, powerful blends, made strictly according to classical Ayurvedic texts and without compromise from organic, premium quality, wholesome herbs, not herbal extracts (cheaper and shorter manufacturing time). The base oils and herbs are simmered in large copper cauldrons repeatedly for several days (in some cases as many as 101 times). There are no artificial additives, colours or chemicals used in the production of these oils. Not perfumed. Massaging the head with warm, herb-infused Ayurvedic oils nurtures the scalp and hair. Healthy hair reflects a healthy body. *Any Products Purchased In Offer Are Non-exchangeable and Non-refundable. Not Valid with any other Promotions and Discounts. Products are Near Expiry Date.

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  • May stain clothes.

"A proprietary Ayurvedic oil formulation using the classical oils of Kunthalakanthi, Kayyaunyadi and Neelibhringadi oils as a base. Some of the main herbs are: Vibhitaki (Terminalia belerica), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Amalika (Emblica officinalis), Nili (Indigofera tinctoria), Bala (Sida cordifolia), Ushira (Vetivera zizanioides), Chandan (Santalum album), Mushtha (Cyperus rotendus), Cati (Hedychium spicatum), Nimbu (Citrus limon), Vasti (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Gunja (Abrus precatorius), Amrutha/Guduchi (Tinispora cordifolia), Karpoora (Cinnamomum Camphora), Bhringraj (Eclipta alba), Indralata (Cardiospermum helicacabum), Ajaksira (Bovidae capra) infused in a base of Narikela (Cocos nucifera), Buffalos milk (Bubalus Bubalis), Cow’s milk (Bos indicus), and Gingely oil (Sesamum indicum). No artificial fragrance added. 100% biodegradable formula and easily recyclable packaging."

Place 15-30 ml of oil in a container and submerge in hot water until oil is warm. You can even warm it in sun light. Never heat oil directly on a flame or in a microwave oven.

1. Part your hair and apply oil all over the scalp.

2. Massage the scalp and hair in a circular motion from root to tip.

3. For maximum effectiveness, leave on for an hour or more to allow the valuable botanicals to be absorbed into the scalp.

4. Rinse off with lukewarm water and wash with an Omved natural hair shampoo that suits your hair type.

Follow up with a conditioner. If not sensitive to the cooling effect on your head, you can apply the oil at night and leave it in until morning. (Sleeping in an air-conditioned room with oiled hair may lead to too much cooling.) Continue this for one to six months and you will see visibly thicker, shinier and healthier hair.

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