Omved Parijati Dhoop Sali 30 Sticks

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"Engulf yourself with the calming fragrance of Parijat or the wish-fulfilling flower that is found in the holy city of Vrindavan. A favourite among the yogis, devotees and spiritual aspirants, the aroma of this night blooming white flowers will fill your living spaces with peace and harmony. Dhoop Salli's are hardened incense sticks that are made from an array of all natural ingredients and is free from any chemicals and toxins.

Benefit: Celebrate the breath of life with the purity of delicately blended 100% natural essential oils and aromatic herbs. Our incense sticks are created in an environment of organic agriculture, sustainable living and fair trade in biodegradable packaging. Natural bamboo is hand-rolled in a 'masala' (spice blend) of 100% natural ingredients;aromatic roots, resins, and the essence of flower,fruits, barks and roots,custom-blended according to classical Ayurvedic recipes.

Important Info : How to light the incense stick Place the the stick with the non-coated end on a heat-resistant surface, such as a trivet or ceramic tile. Hold a lit match or a lighter flame to the coated end of the incense for ten seconds or more till it lights. Blow out the incense flame and let it begin to smolder. The incense stick will smoke light gray to white in color. Inhale a breath of deep bliss. Caution: Never leave burning incense unattended. When done, you can use the ash as combust for your plants."

all natural ingredients 

These hand-rolled incense sticks are made from all natural ingredients and they do not contain any toxic or chemical additives. The dhoop Sali’s (sticks) are a blend of natural wood powder (Nurva), natural wood bark(Jiggat - for the binder), natural wooden charcoal, aromatic herbs, resins and essential oils.

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