Omved Shishu Ubtan Cleansing Grains 25 gm

Rs. 250.00

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Omved Shishu Ubtan has Ayurvedic cleansing grains with herbs to better remove dirt and exfoliate skin. This ultra-gentle, nutrient rich ubtan will naturally remove dead skin cells to reveal smoother, new skin of your babies. The purifying properties of Green Moong and antiseptic properties of turmeric combine to fight infections. Healing Ixora flowers helps fight skin infections like eczema. Purifying Tulsi helps to improve skin tone. Cooling white Sandalwood and Aromatic Rose petals help to refresh the skin and keep your baby clean, fresh and irresistibly sweet smelling.


"Green gram (Vigna radiata), White sandalwood (santalum alba), Rose petals (rosa centifolia), Tulsi leaf (ocimum sanctum) , Bandhuka flowers (ixora) Haldi (curcuma longa). 100% natural, with no added fillers.No chemicals, preservatives or artificial colours are used. This product has been certified as a propreitary Ayurvedic medicine."

This ubtan is safe to use instead of a soap for your little one. This ubtan can be used from a week after birth of your baby.

To mix the ubtan:

Place the required amount of ubtan into a mixing bowl. Add a little sesame or mustard oil or lukewarm water to make a thin paste. Gently apply with finger tips. Leave on for two minutes. Rinse well with warm water.



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