Omved Soothing Grains Knee Compress 400 gm

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"Aching knees? Swellings? Painful ligaments? The Soothing Grains Knee Compress is an excellent therapeutic aid to ease the discomfort. The ligaments in knees are susceptible to sprains and tears often resulting in swollen knees. Swellings lead to pain, difficulty in moving and reduced blood flow which slows healing. Compression helps to reduce knee swelling and improve healing. This premium 100% grain filler compress is inspired by the ancient Vedic tradition of moist warm/cold healing and is one of the safest and most effective ways to apply compression. Hot and cold therapy interacts with the body to help alleviate pain and inflammation for muscles and joints. The compress works beautifully with strained knees, hamstrings, thighs and calves. Ergonomically designed to fit snugly around the knee and therapeutically and evenly weighted to provide deep, penetrating moist heat therapy. The wrap retains both heat and cold and is made of an organic soft otton material making each use comfortable on the skin and making the heat comfortable on the skin as well. Omved compresses are easy to use; just by microwaving for one to three minutes. Omved compresses are safer that hot water bags and it assures that the temperature remains warm and not burning because of its protective organic cotton cover."

Benefit : This 100% natural compress revives the ancient Vedic tradition of moist warm/cold healing. Moist heat penetrates more effectively than dry heat. Omved compresses assure the temperature remains warm, not burning, through its organic cotton cover that serves as a protective layer between the skin and the hot compress. Omved herbal compresses are safer than hot water bags (no fear of leaking) and electric warmers, more comfortable than gel bags (fits to the contours of your body) and the best eco-friendly option available.

Important Info :


  • For external use only

The compresss is filled with a 100% natural premium grain filler. Inner shell is recycled cotton while the removable outer cover is soft organic cotton.

This compress can be used as a HOT and a COLD compress.

To use as a Hot Compress: Remove the outer cover and place compress in a microwave (or traditional oven) and warm for 90-120 seconds for the first time. When warming, place a glass of water along with the pack in order to prevent the herbs from burning. For subsequent usage, warm for 60-90 seconds (time varies according to microwave/oven).

To use as a Cold Compress: Cool in the freezer for 30 minutes to 1 hour and apply on the affected area. To enhance healing, spray the cover with one of our therapeutic essential oil blend mists - Sushwasa mist (for cold compress) and Kushala mist (for hot compress).

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