Pristine Organics Lil'Spa Baby Massage Oil, 100ml

Rs. 140

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Nourish your baby’s skin with Prestine Lil’spa organic oil, enriched with herbs and natural lavender. The goodness of its herbs and lavender helps to improve skin, texture and glow. The oil strengthens bones, joints and muscles and help in overall growth of the baby. Organic Sesame Oil hepls to nourish baby's skin


  • Strengthens bones
  • Improves skin's texture and glow

Pristine Organic Lil's Spa Baby Massage Oil contains:

Time tested and time trusted herbs  - Laksh, manjista, Ashwagandha, yastimadhu, Shatapushpa, Rasna, Raktachandana, Kusta, Haridra and Mustha. 

Daily massage improves skin texture, muscle tone and overall growth and development of your baby 

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