Rustic Art Organic Baby Shampoo, 100 ml

Rs. 300.00

Delivery time: 3 to 5 days for prepaid orders & 5 to 7 days for COD.



1. When should the shampoo be used?

-   Whenever you need to wash your baby’s hair and scalp.

2. How many times a day should this product be used?

-   Once in 2-3 days should be fine though it can be used daily.

3. Can it cause any allergies?

-   If the baby is allergic to any of the mentioned ingredients.

4. How to test if the kid is allergic to the Shampoo?

-   Patch test.

5. For curly hair, will this detangle the hair after wash?

-   Yes. Small hair does not tangle much.

6. Is this shampoo tear free?

-   It is not tear free as no numbing agent is added to the wash.

"Saponified Organic Cocnut oil Organic Sunflower Oil Almond Oil Organic Sesame Oil Organic Aloe Vera Organic Shea Butter Evening Primrose Oil Coconut Milk Demineralized water Natural Preservative of OLG"

Take desired quantity and apply on wet hair. Rub gently.

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