Rustic Art Organic Orange & Cinnamon Soap, 100 gm

Rs. 155.00

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Rustic Art Organic Orange & Cinnamon Soap uses orange and cinnamon to condition your skin. Orange is a citric fruit with good cleansing and skin tightening attributes. While cinnamon has various antimicrobial properties to fight germs. The soap smells very refreshing and lifts up your mood. You are going to feel very charged up after each bath.

  • Orange oil improves mood, soothes the senses, calms the mind and reduces anxiety.
  • Cinnamon treats acne, increases blood circulation, acts as a mild astringent
  • Suitable for very non-sensitive skin
  • Fragrant and aromatic


"Organic Corn Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Castor Oil, Organic Neem Oil, Organic Olive Oil, De-Mineralised Water, Caustic Lye, Aloe Gel, Wheat Germ Oil, Herbal Oil, Extract Of Echinacea And Neem Natural Fragrances Orange And Cinnamon Benzoin, Citric Acid"

Rub wet palm on soap and apply on skin. Keep soap dry.

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