24 Mantra Sonamasuri Raw Rice Brown Organic 1 kg


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Is rice your weakness and the biggest reason of your rapidly increasing weight?

If yes, Greenobazaar presents you the healthiest choice that fulfills your craving for rice. The brown rice from 24 Mantra are farmed organically and serve you controlled calories. The organic rice has an awesome taste and many nutritional benefits including low glycemic index and calorie count.


  • It prevents cancer
  • It is cholesterol free
  • It provides energy
  • It helps in skin care.

Calories-362kcal Total Fat-3gKcal Saturates-0.5 gKcal Trans Fat-0 gKcal Cholesterol-0mgKcal Sodium-76gKcal Carbohydrates-3gKcal Fibre - 0.12 gKcal Sugar-4mgKcal Protein-8gKcal Vitamin A-0Kcal Vitamin C-0Kcal Calcium-30 mgKcal Iron-1.5 mgKcal

You can cook it for lunch or dinner

Makes sure to soak the rice for 30 minutes before you cook it

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